Warranty & After-sale Service

1. Product warranty:

    1.1 In China: Cable and adapter(except from data cable, cable and adapter with chip), other product without electronic components are under 10 years of warranty, other product enjoys 1 year warranty.

    1.2 Out of China: All the products enjoy 1 year warranty

2. We provide refund&exchange services if the product meets any deficiency and error within the warranty period

3. Repairing costs will be covered by our company if the product is judged to cause by product quality while not Man-made damage.

4. The warranty will not be granted for the following situation:

    4.1 Damage or malfunction caused by misuse or third-party product deficiency

    4.2 Damage or malfunction caused by self-disassembly or modification.

    4.3 Damage or functional abnormality caused by force majeure.

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