Lightning Cable

This cable is the best replacement for multiple cables that perform different functions. Instead of carrying all that junk around, use one cable to solve all charging needs. The magnetic lighting cable is compatible with the old and newer Apple products. It is lightweight and very convenient to carry around. The magnetic lighting cable can be ordered in bulk for wholesale.

Magnetic lighting cable with multiple functions

The lighting cable can be used for different functions. It is ideal for charging smartphones and other mobile devices with compatible features. Also, it is used to synchronize these devices with a desktop computer or laptop.
The third function is the ability to stream media content with an active connection supported by the cable. The cable is ideal for people who love to play video games a lot. It is also a necessary accessory for camping or hiking, and other outdoor activities.
It is a rugged magnetic lighting cable that won’t short circuit or tangle while it is in use.

Compatibility with other devices

The magnetic lighting cable can be used with any device that is powered through a USB port. These devices include power banks, digital cameras, tablets, AirPods, eBook readers, and gaming accessories. It is the top choice because of its fast charging features.
The magnetic charging cable can deliver a power output of 5V/3A to charge batteries 10x the regular experience with many other cables. Also, the magnetic tips that come with this cable are slim. This means the tips can fit into the charging provisions cut out on phone cases. Also, when used on a computer, the USB port of the cable can fit into a dock with enough room for another USB to be plugged into the computer.

High-quality magnetic connectors

The material used to make the magnetic connectors with this cable is excellent. There is no risk of corrosion even when similar products become corroded and ruined. These cables will last longer than the common options in the market. Also, the connectors have a high conductivity capacity. This is why data transfer and fast charging are possible.
The magnetic tips hold fast to the charging surface. This makes it convenient and easy to use. All that needs to be done is to keep the cable close to the magnetic tip, and it snaps into place with ease.
Also, the magnetic connectors feature improved Zinc alloy, which is excellent because it is perfect to prevent overheating. The connectors are designed to allow heat escape from the charging surface while the cable is in use.
Each package comes with up to four magnetic connecting tips, which is a great idea, and excellent value for money.

Aesthetic appeal

The magnetic lighting cables are eye-catching. They can be made in different colors depending on the buyers’ request. Bulk orders can feature a range of colors as well. The brightly colored cables measure up to 6 ft for bulk orders. The shorter lengths are also available.
Overall, this lighting cable is durable and stable when connected to devices. It is reliable with fast charging features and easy to carry around.

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