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The Bluetooth transmitter can integrate easily into your home audio device. It provides the best solution if you want to use an audio source without an inbuilt Bluetooth, for instance, an in-flight entertainment system, equipment at the gym, or an older smart TV. It will connect to the device via an audio cable and wirelessly broadcast the audio to your headphones or even to a Bluetooth speaker.

LCD Screen Display

The LCD screen adds beauty to your Bluetooth transmitter. It also allows you conveniently identify and select the Bluetooth device you are pairing with. You can also control the volume of your connected devices.

Dual Link Function

It features a dual-link function that allows two Bluetooth headphones or speakers to connect and play through both devices simultaneously. So, two people can watch the same movie or listen to the same music at their preferred volume without disturbing others.

Wide Compatibility

The Bluetooth transmitter supports digital optical outputs and inputs.
This makes it compatible with every TV, smartphone, projector, home stereo receiver, and tablet while offering a wide connection range.

Easy to Use

You don’t have to be tech-savvy. It’s easy to use, all you need to do is press the power button to start, and the Bluetooth transmitter will automatically connect. There’s a play and pause button for music and answer, end, reject and redial buttons to make your calling experience easy. It is compatible with 99% of headphones, speakers, and TV.


This device is small and easy to move around. The size makes it convenient to move around your house or go out with and can be your companion for wireless audio. It comes with a 1x Bluetooth 5.0 2in 1 adapter, 1 x 3.5mm Female to 2 RCA Male Cable, 1 x 3.5mm audio cable, 1 x USB charging cable, and a user guide.

The Auto-reconnect

This feature allows users to easily reconnect to the Bluetooth transmitter when they are in range.

Bluetooth extender

This function allows you to extend the Bluetooth range by supporting connections to non-Bluetooth audio devices. It can also be used as a pair to extend wireless range.

Enhances Calling Experience

The inbuilt sensitive microphone produces clear audio that takes your calling experience to another level.

No Lip-sync Delay

This feature lets users enjoy their movie or music video in perfect lip synchronization and high-quality audio clarity.


It is manufactured with an ergonomic design and high-quality, long-lasting materials. However, it is affordably priced. The users experience complete satisfaction with audio output.

Battery life

It has a strong battery life of approximately 12 hours and can be fully charged within two hours. There’s an indicator light that flashes red when it needs to be charged. Once fully charged, the indicator light goes off.


The Bluetooth transmitters are of the best quality and come with a warranty. You can enjoy this one-year warranty and after-sales service when you purchase this device. Please, contact us now to place your order.

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