The DisplayPort debuted in 2006 and it was developed by VESA. It can be used to carry USB and audio data simultaneously as HDMI. It’s a high-performance interface that is meant to replace the older VGA and DVI interfaces. And it can also connect by using adapters to the older DVI, VGA, and HDMI ports. One of the main advantages that it has over HDMI, is that it has multi-monitor capabilities. The Displayports support multiple monitors connection in a daisy-chain configuration which means it is able to connect the second monitor via the port of the first monitor to set up a chain connection. And the second monitor would connect to the third monitor. And this is why the DisplayPort is more focused for computer use than for other equipment such as televisions. Another advantage that DisplayPort has over HDMI is that it has a locking mechanism that keeps the cable locked in place, whereas HDMI does not have a locking mechanism. And also unlike HDMI. the DisplayPort is a royalty-free product. And in March of 2016,DisplayPort1.4 was released which has a max resolution of 8K@60Hz.

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