USB-C AV Cable

Considering the wide range of cables and connectivity accessories available, there is a significant demand for the best magnetic USB-C cable. The design has an aesthetic appeal. Users should not think the cable’s beautiful features are too extravagant because it is only a cable. Many people will happily buy this cable because the design matches their smartphones or computers.

Best magnetic USB-C Cable Dual functions

The cable has dual and convenient functions. It is ideal for transferring files from a laptop to a phone and vice versa. Also, the cable transfers power to the phone to charge its battery when connected. The dual functions have helped many people to avoid run down batteries on the go. Also, the file transferring process is fast, which is a good sign that the device works excellently.

Interchangeable USB

The cable comes with multiple heads which are compatible with the universal standards. The featured USB can be fixed on the cable, or it can be changed with another cable head that is suitable for the task at that time.

High quality Material

The best magnetic USB-C cable is made of rubber or interwoven fiber, depending on the model. The magnetic cables made from rubber are resilient and lasting. However, the other models made from plastic are aesthetically presentable.

Fast charging

Fast charging is one of the highly demanded features when people buy USB cables. This is the consumers’ interest even when they need the cable majorly for data transfer. This top brand has been tested and found to have one of the fastest charging times compared to many other magnetic USB-C cables in the market.

High-grade connectors

The magnetic USB-C cable features high-grade connectors. The connectors may be obscured from view, but they can latch onto the port of a computer when the cable is connected. Connectors are the features in the magnetic cable that come in contact with the receiving electronic device. The connectors also aid data transfer between a phone and the computer.
The connectors can be replaced if any of the pieces is lost or becomes ruined. The user only needs to find a matching replacement online, and the function is restored.

It is built to last

It qualifies as the best magnetic USB-C cable that can last for a very long time with consistent use. The quality material and finishing make this cable a good choice for heavy usage. People who need to stream HD content for hours will be happy with it.
The micro USB connectors that come with these cables are made to function with the magnetic charging or data transfer features. They are simply plugged into the main port before connecting with the computer.

Cable length

The length of these cables varies. There are different options to give users the best experience. The cable is available in 1 foot, 3feet, or 6 feet. There are custom orders for 10 feet cables, which are produced to meet the buyer’s requirements.
Overall, it is a versatile USB-C cable, durable, and supports the fast transfer of files when used.

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