USB Serial & Parallel Cable

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Software engineers and other technicians who work with serial communication protocol will find this USB serial helpful. The tests indicate it is a good choice for moving data from one device to another without error. The lifetime warranty for this USB serial-parallel cable is proof that it has been designed with outstanding features to last long.
It is a USB 2.0 serial-parallel cable with a USB Type-A connector on one end and a parallel port on the other end.

Fast data transfer

One of the reasons why this is the best USB serial-parallel cable is that it is perfect for transferring data fast. This feature is possible because the parallel cable has the capacity to send a larger volume of data through the parallel port.
The cable is compatible with different operating systems, so there are no hindrances. Also, the quick installation is automated. It starts installing as soon as the cable is plugged into a computer.
On average, this USB serial cable has a transfer rate that reaches up to 12 Mbps. This is perfect for transferring media files, documents, applications, and raw files for software tools. The fast data transfer rate makes this cable a good choice for software engineers who would like to configure different networking devices.

Convenient length

The USB parallel serial cable is long enough to connect devices set one foot apart. There are cables of different lengths available for bulk orders. Buyers who need to use the more extended version of this cable can specify their requirements in the order.
The cable can be as long as six feet if the buyer or more according to the buyer’s request. While the cable is long, it is easy to keep it organized in an office or residential home. The cable will not tangle while it is connecting two devices.
It is compatible with modems, routers, and a wide range of other digital devices. The cable can also be connected to different models of printers. The only requirement is that the printer has the correct port to accommodate a parallel serial cable.

No data loss

All the user needs to do is ensure that the connectors on the USB serial parallel cable are properly connected during use. This way, there is no worry about data loss while data is moved from one device to the other. The connectors are specially made for extra conductivity.
The connectors have been covered with high connectivity materials to prevent corrosion if there is any contact with moisture. The cable is also protected by a highly durable PVC wrapping. These features ensure there is no way connection is compromised while using the cable.

Lightweight design

The USB serial parallel cable is lightweight. It can be shipped to different global locations without incurring huge fees. The cable is packaged in waterproof bags, which have been labeled for easy recognition. It is also possible to customize these cables by printing the brand name on the packaging. Customizing features is done at the buyer’s request.

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