HDMI Splitter Audio Extractor

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Product Description

HDMI Splitter and Audio Extractor

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China(Mainland)

Brand Name: FULSAN

Model Number: FS001

Product Name: HDMI TO VGA Converter

Color: White

Model: VAA-C05

Usage: Apply to the data source with HDMI output device such as a computer interface, HD player, the player, the display device with a VGA adapter to interface such as televisions, projectors, etc.

Advantages: HDMI high definition experience with mature foreign markets operates, with a complete, supporting a full range of advanced production equipment.

If you want to send your file to multiple viewing devices, such as TV screens or computers, you need to pair an HDMI splitter and audio extractor. The function of the HDMI splitter is to distribute clear signals from the source to other viewing devices. 

Universal Compatibility

The audio extractor and HDMI splitter have unique compatibility with different devices. The wide range of use allows you to perform multiple functions without hindrances. It is most helpful, especially when working on elaborate sound engineering projects involving multiple screens or stereos. 

High-Quality Output

Make sure the video you are extracting the audio is in the HMDI format with high quality. Almost all the time, the output from the audio extractor is excellent, even when you are using an HDMI splitter. We can also confirm that the quality of audio you split will not reduce even when you distribute the signals across multiple audio devices.

No Issues With Audio Timing

 One of the worries people have when they split audio signals is the distortion of the audio timing. However, using a high-quality audio extractor eliminates this issue. This is why we recommend our products.

Suitable for Devices Without Bluetooth Connectivity

Now, you do not need to double-check whether your speaker systems have Bluetooth connectivity. Using the HDMI splitter and audio extractor, you can conveniently send the audio signals from videos to the speaker system. All you need to do is connect the appropriate wires from the audio extractor to the speaker system.


The audio extractor is not heavy, so you can be assured that the shipping costs are affordable. Also, you should expect fast shipping, leveraging our unique systems and logistics arrangements.

Buy Our Trusted Brand

You should always go for a brand that many people have used satisfactorily. We have created our brand of HDMI splitter audio extractor to match the growing needs of our audience. 

These units are affordable, durable, and built to deliver excellent audio quality even if you want to split the original audio signal across several speakers.

 Also, these products provide excellent value for money because they last longer. Our products are available for wholesale. Call us today to know more about placing an order. 


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